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Slide Westview RIC Barracks in Cobh

Cobh’s Rebel Past – 2 Hours

€19 per adult / €15 per child, student, senior
​Group Tours also available

• See the Guest House where Padraig Pearse regularly stayed while visiting his stone mason father, who worked on the construction of St Colman’s Cathedral.

• View the proposed ambush site where local republican volunteers lay in wait in May 1920 to assassinate Sir John French, Commander in Chief of British military forces in Ireland.

• View the old GPO building from which P.S. O’Hegarty, the Town Postmaster and IRB leader received the first exclusion order in Ireland in 1914, under the Defence of the Realm Act, forcing him to quit Cobh and transfer his job to Wales.

• View the anchor from the German arms ship the ‘Aud’ which was scuttled and went down 8 miles outside Cork Harbour on Good Friday 1916 with its full cargo of weapons, destroying all hope of a successful Rising.

• See the home of the Town Chairman in 1920, from which a party of Black and Tans ransacked, while calling out the name of the towns first citizen to come and face his would be executioners.

• Visit the Square where James Connolly was attacked while speaking at a public meeting in March 1911

• Visit the ambush site where an RIC inspector who was shot outside the Park, Top of the Hill in August 1920

• Visit also, today’s 1916 Garden of Remembrance – the site of the old RIC Barracks at Westview, which in its time was the nerve centre of British Rule in the town.

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