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Slide Westview RIC Barracks in Cobh

Relive Cobh’s Rebel Past, through Sixteen Selected Historical Sites by writer and historian Kieran McCarthy.



“Kieran brings his knowledge and passion for Cobh’s history to life. In the tour Kieran tells the story’s in a way that make’s you realize how it must have been in earlier times. When you come with a cruise ship this is a good alternative to an expensive excursion of the shipping company.”

Nelly van Harten Rosbag

“Kieran brings his knowledge and passion for Cobh’s history to life. Initially meeting Kieran in his volunteer uniform you immediately know that it’s going to be professionally delivered. The walk is a must for anyone seeking an in-depth local insight into such an important time in Ireland’s history.”

Paul Fitzpatrick

“My wife and daughter and I recently took a 12 day cruise around the UK. We had no plans for the port of Cobh so we took the tour when Kieran offered it to us on the dock.

WHAT a surprise so informative and pleasant, for us it was the high light of Ireland, can’t praise it enough more than excellent!! and the pint of Guinness after wasn’t bad either!”

Brad & Sherrie Torres, So. Ca. U.S.A.

“We recently undertook Kieran McCarthy’s Rebel Walking Tour of Cobh. I particularly found it astonishing how a person who has lived in Cobh all his life, and has passed many of the buildings on a daily basis could not have known about the history that they hold. It was a brilliant well organised and well run tour.

We would highly recommend it to locals, tourists and schools. It is a great eye opener to Cobh’s forgotten history. Kieran really knows his stuff. The prices were very reasonable too, for the time and knowledge you receive from Kieran on the tour.”

“Marks: We would give it 10/10.”
Steve Cronin & Jade White

“I am writing to you with regard to Cobh’s republican past, particularly the part Cobh played in the run-up to and after the 1916 rising. To begin with, I was honestly never aware of much involvement if any by Cobh in the Rising nor was I aware of any republican past, always believing Cobh to be a British Unionist Town true and true mainly due to the many British military barracks’ and personal in the town. However, that all changed when I was invited to take part in a guided tour with the organisers of Cobh Rebel Walking Tour.

The tour commenced about 6pm and lasted around 1hr 20mins. As I walked about the town visiting the points of interest and listing to the narrative, I was struck by not only the dedication of the people who took part in the rising or the treatment handed out to the people of Cobh by that same military junta that sought to enslave a Nation, but by the delivery of our tour guide and his knowledge of the subject – Cobh played in the war of Independence.

The Safe Houses. Attacks on British posts. Arrests of Civilians. Visits by leaders of the rising, their purpose, all within a walking distance of the town centre. IMPOSSIBLE… not to visualise events as they unfolded. SEEING…. what they saw.

The excitement…. of what it must have been like to take part in a War… made for a truly informative and unforgettable experience. The Will, Sprit, Determination by the people of Cobh to be Acknowledge by all Nations Must Surely be an inspiration to all those involved in any struggle, military or otherwise.
I am very proud of the people of Cobh and the part they played in a war of independence.

A time in our history I will visit again on these walking republican tours of Cobh.

Thank you to the organisers and well done.”

Terence Pierce,
Steve Cronin & Jade White

“We recently took part in a walking tour of Cobh led by local historian Kieran McCarthy. This was a tour with a difference.
We all know about the Titanic and the Lusitania but this man has an in-depth knowledge of not only Cobh itself, but also the hidden political history of his native town.

I was amazed at his wealth of knowledge and not once did he have to refer to notes. It brought to mind that old poem ‘The village schoolmaster’

“while words of learned length
and thundering sound
amazed the gazing rustics ranged around
and still they gazed and still the wonder grew
that one small head could carry all he knew”

We would highly recommend Cobh Rebel Walking & Coach Tours.”

Pat & Ann Marie Power,

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